Safety Cove

State Marine Park

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Safety Cove SMP is located along the western side of Day Harbor, twenty-eight miles by boat from Seward. The park's 960 acres include the cove's marine waters and an upland spruce, hemlock, and alder forest. A three-acre fresh water lake is located just above the gravel storm berm at the head of the cove. Behind this, the land  rises steeply to the peaks of Resurrection Peninsula. There is a two-acre private inholding that abuts to the ocean on the north side of the lake. 

Safety Cove offers excellent beach camping as well as safe anchorage for recreational boats. Upland exploration is also an appealing activity in the park, with excellent views of Ellsworth Glacier, an arm of the Sargent Icefield, near the cove's entrance. Fresh water can be taken from the lake at the head of the cove.




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Western side of Day Harbor

Map of Safety Cove State Marine Park