Alaska State Parks Trail Browser


The Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Alaska State Parks Trail Browser is a web-based application that provides trail information from databases maintained by the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, the Information Resource Management Section and other divisions within the DNR. The Alaska State Parks Trail Browser is integrated with the Alaska QuickMap interface to provide intuitive user interaction in a few simple steps.

Using three simple tools users can (a) navigate throughout the trail systems, (b) access information related to the trails such as distance, difficulty, access, and allowable uses, and (c) view photos of particular features and scenic interest points throughout the trails. Additionally the browser identifies coordinate locations, provides a variety of base map options, and allows users the ability to download trail guides of a particular trail (or trail system) of interest.

For full details on the functionality of the browser please review the users guide

Sample Picture of Trail Browser
Click on map to enter browser
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