Remote Recreation Cabin Sites Staking Program

In 1997, the legislature passed a new law, AS 38.05.600, the Remote Recreational Cabin Site program. This program allows Alaska residents to stake a parcel of state land in a designated remote staking area, lease the land until DNR completes the survey and appraisal, and then purchase the land at market value. Regulations implementing the program are 11 AAC 67.800 - 11 AAC 67.850.

Program Information:

The next Remote Recreational Cabin Sites booklet will be available in the fall of 2014. The application period will be from late-September to early-December. DNR is currently considering which areas to offer; please see our public notice page at for details. Please check back in late September for a detailed brochure with information about the offering. If you’d like to be notified when the brochure is available, please sign up for our email list. The brochure will be available on this site, or call the Public Information Center at 907-269-8400 to get a paper copy.

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