DNR Newsroom


Gas Commercialization/Asia Outreach

11/28/14 Legislative Briefing Alaska LNG Project Update

11/6/14 3rd LNG Producer Consumer Conference in Tokyo Commercializing Alaska LNG

10/29/14 Joint Resources Committee Alaska LNG Update

1/29/14 to present Testimony and documents regarding Senate Bill 138, Document Library

TAPS Throughput

4/5/13 House Finance Committee, Oil Tax Reform-- Arresting TAPS Throughput Decline

2/26/13 Senate Special Committee on TAPS Throughput, Commissioner's overview and Division of Oil & Gas presentation

1/25/12 Legislative Briefing Briefing Note: One Million Barrels a Day

State Lands

12/2/14 Legislative Budget & Audit Committee, Nuna Royalty Modification

2/18/13 House Finance Subcommittee, Division of Mining, Land and Water Permitting Overview

Congressional Testimony

1/28/14 Senate Committee on Energy and Mineral Resources, S. 1600, the Critical Minerals Policy Act of 2013

5/22/13 House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, H.R. 1964, National Petroleum Reserve Alaska Access Act

Cook Inlet

12/18/13 AIDEA Board of Directors Cook Inlet Activities & Natural Gas Update

3/14/13 Mayor's Energy Task Force Cook Inlet: Challenges & Opportunities