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"Serving Alaska's needs in the production of native plants and traditional crops."

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The 405 acre Plant Materials Center (PMC), near Palmer was established by the Alaska Legislature in 1972 to promote the state’s agricultural industry. Grains, grasses, fruits, potatoes, shrubs, and trees are evaluated for the potential use in Alaska climates. Small quantities of these plant materials are released to Alaskan commercial growers who then increase the production of these materials and make them available for food, ornamental, and conservation purposes.
For more information on the individual Plant Materials Center programs please visit each program's webpages listed on the left or contact the Plant Materials Center directly.

What's New

Help us, help Alaskan agriculture!

The Alaska Plant Materials Center is surveying all Alaskan agricultural producers interested in future On-Farm trials for various crop trialing. We are interested in hearing from small and large producers as well as home gardeners.
If you are interested in the opportunity to be part of future trials please take the time to fill out the following survey. We will select future trial sites based on the information provided in this survey which is designed to help us match-up both producer and project needs.

For additional information please contact:
Rob Carter
(907) 745-8127



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"DNR's mission is to responsibly develop Alaska’s resources by making them available
for maximum use and benefit consistent with the public interest."  

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