Invasive Plants and Agricultural Pest Management

Welcome to Alaska's Invasive Plant Program. Our program coordinates prevention, outreach, and management strategies for invasive plant issues through collaboration with land managers, agencies, organizations, and policy makers across Alaska. These efforts are guided by the implementation of our Strategic Plan and relevant noxious weed regulation and policy. Our goal is to help keep Alaska's pristine landscapes and natural resources free from impacts of noxious and invasive plants.

Outreach Materials Not Published by the PMC

Making a Difference, One Weed at a Time - Seward City News

USDA Makes $5 Million in Farm Bill Support for National Clean Plant Network Available - USDA Press Release

Invasive Species Could Decrease as Climate Warms -

Canada Thistle and its Control - Government of Saskatchewan

Elodea eradication begins in Nikiski - Peninsula Clarion News

Field Guide Helps You Identify Aquatic Invaders - Oregon Sea Grant

Susceptibility of burned black spruce (Picea mariana) forests to non-native plant invasions in interior Alaska - Spellman, Katie; Christa Mulder, and Teresa Hollingsworth

Kodiak Weed War - Kodiak Daily Mirror

Voluntary Guidelines to Prvent the Introduction and Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species: Recreational Activities  - Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force, November 2013

Voluntary Guidelines to Prevent the Introduction and Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species: Water Gardening  - Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force, September 2013

New DNA Tool Helps Scientists Identify Invasive Species of Aquatic Plants - USGS

Forest Health Conditions in Alaska - 2010

Early Detection, Rapid Response, and You:

State Steps in to Stop Elodea Invasion

Alaska Committe for Noxious & Invasive Plants Management (CNIPM) Links

CNIPM home page at University of Alaska Fairbanks, Cooperative Extension Service

Facebook: AKInvasivePlants

2014 Fourth Quarter Newsletter

2014 Third Quarter Newsletter

2014 Second Quarter Newsletter

Outreach Materials Published by the PMC

Terrestrial Weed Identification Field Guide

Revegetation Field Guide

Alternative Plants Poster

Alternative Plants Brochure

Elodea Brochure

Elodea Wallet Card

Canada thistle Poster

Canada thistle Sticker

Canada thistle Rack Card

Canada thistle Bus Ad

Purple Loosestrife Rack Card

Weed Free Forage

Weed Free Gravel




1-877-INVASIV (468-2748) or contact Heather Stewart
Invasive Weeds and Agricultural Pest Coordinator


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