Invasive Plants and Agricultural Pest Management

Welcome to Alaska's Invasive Plant Program. Our program coordinates prevention, outreach, and management strategies for invasive plant issues through collaboration with land managers, agencies, organizations, and policy makers across Alaska. These efforts are guided by the implementation of our Strategic Plan and relevant noxious weed regulation and policy. Our goal is to help keep Alaska's pristine landscapes and natural resources free from impacts of noxious and invasive plants.

Elodea in Alaska


Elodea in Anchorage, a Project Update 2015

The Integrated Pest Management Plant (IPM) for the eradication of elodea in Anchorage is currently in draft form and is available on request at the contact information below.


Stakeholders meeting and public workshop, March 3, 2015

Elodea and the Copper River Watershed Project


Stakeholders meeting April 7, 2015


Stormy and Daniels Lake Elodea Eradication Project: Environmental Assessment, 2013
Kenai Peninsula Elodea management plan


For More Information Contact:

1-877-INVASIV (468-2748) or contact Heather Stewart
Invasive Weeds and Agricultural Pest Coordinator



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