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Micro-Grants for Food Security

We are no longer accepting applications for the Micro-Grants for Food Security for this offering. The grant was closed at 11:59 pm June 30, 2021

If you missed the opportunity to submit a pre-application, missed the deadline to submit a full application, or were not chosen to submit a full application, the Division of Agriculture will offer the next opportunity to apply for Micro-Grants for Food Security after this current grant cycle has been awarded.

We understand that Alaskans are eagerly awaiting the selection of Alaska’s micro-grant for food security proposals. As is set by law, the funding government agency, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), requires that the Microgrants for Food Security Program applications undergo a review process and evaluation of compliance to the program rules. The Division of Agriculture must ensure projects follow all regulations and requirements; the selection process is competitive and meets state priorities for food security to meet the USDA requirements. We are moving forward to complete all project application reviews as quickly as possible and strive to have selections done in time for applicants to prepare for next year’s growing season.

If you are awarded a grant, you will be contacted by email, after selection and following approval by the USDA. The grant funds will not reimburse purchases made before the formal contract is completed if you win a grant award.

Micro-Grant projects this year are limited to one year in duration. Due to the overwhelming response, the duration of funding is being limited to 1 year. This decision was made in order to provide more Alaskans an opportunity to improve food security for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The funding limit remains $5,000 per individual and $10,000 per organization for this year. We received requests for approximately 25 times the amount of funds available this year.

Please be advised the Micro-Grants for Food Security Program is a competitive program. You may not be selected. If you are selected, you may not be awarded the full amount requested.

We have limited staff for individual phone calls or questions.

We will not be able to provide you with any information on the status of your application. You will be notified by the email you used to apply if you were awarded or not.

** Please note that email is the preferred method of contact.**


Specialty Crop Block Grant

FY21 Specialty Crop Block Grants have been selected and awardees will be notified by the Grants Team.

Is Specialty Crop Technical Assistance available for your community? These funds were made available through the 2017 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

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