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Micro-Grants for Food Security

We are aware that Alaskans are eagerly awaiting an update on this grant. We are writing to inform you that selected applications have moved on from the State of Alaska Division of Agriculture to the next step. Unfortunately, only about 20 percent of the applications will be funded, and many projects will be at reduced amounts. The Division staff and our expert volunteer reviewers have carefully reviewed over a thousand applications and have endeavored to stretch the funds as far as possible.

The federal funding agency that manages the MicroGrants for Food Security Program, Agricultural Marketing Services, United States Department of Agriculture (AMS/USDA) is now required to approve/deny Alaska’s selections. As noted, Alaska’s last batch of proposed projects has been sent to the AMS/USDA to review. AMS/USDA has acknowledged receipt of the proposed selections. In order to move forward, AMS/USDA must approve the selections before any further notification, contracting, or funds are released. The Division of Agriculture will not announce awarded or declined projects until the USDA has approved or denied selections.

At this time, there is no more information available as the AMS/USDA review occurs. We have requested that USDA expedite and complete these reviews. We will notify you whether or not your application has been granted or declined only after USDA makes this final decision. You will be notified by contact email provided through the application process. Please note that any emails regarding grant decisions will be coming from a SmartSimple address.

If you try to log in, your project will no longer be accessible. The reason for this is that it has already been reviewed. Thank you for understanding.

If you missed the opportunity to submit a pre-application, missed the deadline to submit a full application, or were not chosen to submit a full application, the Division of Agriculture will offer the next opportunity to apply for Micro-Grants for Food Security after this current grant cycle has been awarded.

Please be advised the Micro-Grants for Food Security Program is a competitive program. You may not be selected. If you are selected, you may not be awarded the full amount requested.

We have limited staff for individual phone calls or questions.

** Please note that email is the preferred method of contact.**


Specialty Crop Block Grant

FY21 Specialty Crop Block Grants have been selected and awardees will be notified by the Grants Team.

Is Specialty Crop Technical Assistance available for your community? These funds were made available through the 2017 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

Looking for technical assistance in your community? Apply now for Community Specific Specialty Crop Technical Assistance click here