Lesson Plans

The State of Alaska Office of History and Archaeology has developed an archaeology lesson plan using an atlatl.


Young student throws Atlatl
Atlatl Throwing

Other Resources

US Department of Agriculture/US Forest Service Junior Heritage Ranger Booklet

Interested in Preservation? Complete this special National Historic Preservation Act 50th Anniversary Junior Ranger Booklet!

With an Alaska Historical Commission grant, the Anchorage School District prepared curriculum materials about the Sesquicentennial of the Treaty of Cession.

Triumvirate Theatre developed Seward's So-Called Folly Activity Guide, also with an Alaska Historical Commission grant.

The Alaska Office of History and Archaeology and Alaska State Parks Interpretation & Education program have an 8-panel traveling exhibit on Alaska at the time of the Treaty of Cession available for download.

The Alaska Historical Society provides resources for Teachers and Students on Alaskan history. The National Trust for Historic Preservation works on a national level, and also provides resources for public engagement. Project Archaeology has resources for students and teachers, as does the Society for American Archaeology and the Alaska Anthropological Association to introduce students to archaeology and promote site stewardship.