Archaeological Survey Unit


The Archaeological Survey Unit of the Office of History and Archaeology conducts archaeological and historical investigations in cooperation with local, state, and federal agencies, universities, and museums. Archaeological and historical surveys, excavations, studies, monitoring, and interpretive sign development are funded by and conducted for other agencies to comply with the Alaska Historic Preservation Act (AS 41.35.070), the National Historic Preservation Act, and other laws. Cooperative projects are undertaken with the University of Alaska, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, and other agencies.

If you or your program are interested in these research services, please contact us with a brief description, timeline, and any other pertinent information.

Examples of projects include survey of state land before disposal; cultural resources survey, excavation, and interpretive mitigation before development; historic context development and research; building surveys; and cultural resource management plans.

Internship Opportunities

For some projects, seasonal volunteers are recruited under the state's Volunteers in Parks (VIP) program, available to U.S. citizens. Additionally, Alaska residents may apply for a limited number of seasonal College Intern and Alaska Conservation Corps positions.

Archaeology Dig
Broken Mammoth Archaeological Dig ca. 1990