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Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Division of Mining, Land and Water

Permitting Process

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How to apply for a land use permit:

  1. Complete and sign the following forms

  2. Application Fee:

    • DMLW Fee Order #3
      Land use permit for commercial use under AS 38.05.850 $400 11 AAC 05.180(d)(1)(B) (fee in Director's Fee Order)
      Land use permit under AS 38.05.850 for non-commercial use $240 11 AAC 05.180(d)(1)(C) (fee in Director's Fee Order)
  3. Submit your Application

    • Send the application forms, development plan, supporting materials, and application fee to the DMLW Region in which your proposed activity will occur. If you have questions while completing these forms or regarding any of the information above, please contact the appropriate Region.

      Southeast Region Land Office
      PO Box 111020
      Juneau, AK 99801-1020
      Phone:(907) 465-3400

      Southcentral Region Land Office
      550 W. 7th Ave, Suite 900C
      Anchorage, AK 99501-3577
      Phone: (907) 269-8552

      Northern Regional Land Office
      3700 Airport Way
      Fairbanks, AK 99709-4699
      Phone: (907) 451-2740

Land Use Permit Timeline and Process

Regional staff aim to complete adjudication of permit application within 30 days. Timelines are typically extended for projects with the potential for significant public interest or for large projects. Timelines are also impacted by ongoing workload. For a more targeted projection assessment, please contact Regional Staff with your detailed project description and timing.

Upon determining that an application is complete, the general land use permit process is as follows:

  1. Agency Review & Public Notice

    Permits may be subject to a 14-day agency review and public notice to provide interested parties the opportunity to comment on the proposed activity. All notices will be published on the Alaska Online Public Notice System,

  2. Memorandum of Decision

    This document describes why authorizing the request is or is not in the State's interest. It explains any changes to the applicants proposed activity that are required to mitigate impacts, as well as additional requirements that need to be met before the permit can be issued. The application may be denied if it is determined that the proposed activity is not in the State's interest. Once executed, the Memorandum of Decision is distributed to all commenters and the applicant.

  3. Appeal/Reconsideration Period

    A person affected by the Memorandum of Decision may appeal it, in accordance with 11 AAC 02. A person may also request that the Commissioner reconsider the decision. The appeal period (20 days) and the reconsideration period (30 days) run concurrently. Although there is an appeal and reconsideration period, the Memorandum of Decision is effective immediately and a permit can be issued once the applicant provides the deliverables (insurance, performance guaranty, signed permit, etc.). The regulations related to appeals and reconsideration requests can be viewed from the Alaska Legislature's website,

  4. Insurance

    The applicant may be required to submit proof of insurance before an authorization is issued. Any specific requirements will be outlined in the Memorandum of Decision.

  5. Bonding

    The applicant may be required to submit a performance guaranty (bond) before an authorization is issued. Any specific requirements will be outlined in the Memorandum of Decision.

  6. Fees

    The annual land use fee for a permit depends on the type of activity. The annual land use fee will be outlined in the Memorandum of Decision.

  7. Issuance

    Once the applicant has submitted all the deliverables to include the signed permit and appropriate fees, DMLW will issue the permit.

  8. Term, extensions, amendments, and reissuances

    Permits can be issued for up to five years with the ability to amend anytime during that term. Prior to term expiration, permits can also be extended for one year. Extension and amendments require a fee. Permits can also be reissued, but a new application is required along with an application fee.

    Amendment of a land use permit issued under AS 38.05.850 $240 11 AAC 05.180(d)(1)(D) (fee in Director's Fee Order)
    Application for one-year extension of land use permit AS 38.05.850 $240 11 AAC 05.180(d)(1)(E) (fee in Director's Fee Order)

Feel free to contact the Regional Offices listed above with any questions you may have about permits or the permitting process.

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