2018 OHA Annual Workshop

Thank you to everyone that attended the 2018 Alaska Office of History and Archaeology Annual Workshop! If you have not completed our Workshop evaluation you can find it online at www.surveymonkey.com/r/OHAworkshop2018

Conference Presentations

Saving Our Past Update
   •  Saving Our Past Workshop Presentation 2018
   •  Saving Our Past Goals and Objectives

Permitting Updates
   •  Survey and Permitting Updates Presentation 2018
   •  Human Remains Handout

AHRS Updates
   •  AHRS Updates Presentation 2018

OHA Updates
   •  OHA Updates Presentation 2018

Innovative Technologies: Identification
   •  sUAS Use Within DNR Presentation (Very large file - 775MB)
   •  LiDAR Presentation
   •  Electronic Data Collection and Databases Presentation

Innovative Technologies: Preservation and Outreach
   •  High Definition Laser Scanning Presentation (Large file - 43MB)
   •  3D Modeling for Archaeology
   •  3D Technology to bring Collections to People

Outside due to fire alarm and evacuation
OHA Workshop 2018