How to get an AHRS number?

How to request a site number

New site number requests should be requested by email from the AHRS Coordinator if you have further questions call 907-269-8718

For site number request that exceed two at a time. We prefer that the request is submitted in an excel table We will assign the AHRS number into the excel table and email you back the table.

The following minimal information should be provided at the time of request.
  • Temp/ field number (if used by you, helps keep track of information when large blocks of numbers are requested)
  • USGS quad (for assigning trigraph) ie. Fairbanks quad or FAI (required)
  • Site name-(optional) can use AHRS number if no name is preferable.
  • Brief Site description-(required) ie. Collapsed cabin, prospecting pit, isolate flake, 3 depressions, can scatter… something to simply identify the resource as a place holder until you complete your reporting of the site or project.
  • Brief location description- ie.. (very encouraged) “on the west bank of Tom Creek north of Fairbanks”  or for a building provide the street address
  • Lattitude/Longitude in decimal degree (required) if the site will be recorded as a point -maps are not absolutely necessary anymore for point locations. If the site is a polygon or a line, a site map or a shapefile will need to be submitted too.
  • Owner info (optional) but helpful if known at time of first reporting to AHRS
  • Period Code (optional) historic, prehistoric, proto-historic, paleontological, modern

We expect the completed information to be provided in a timely manner! Once a final report or AHRS card is completed and sent to our office we will update the existing record with the completed information.

Descriptions on how to fill out the fields to an AHRS Card
Blank AHRS Site Card (.doc)
Blank AHRS Card Fillable pdf (works best with Adobe Acrobat Pro)