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Federal Program

– including ANILCA and Statehood Defense

Federal Program Manager: Cathe Heroy,, 907-269-0880

In addition to OPMP facilitation of the State’s response to proposed Federal actions as part of its Mining, Energy, and Broadband Programs: OPMP protects future State and public revenue, public land uses, and public access through ongoing engagement and coordinating multi-agency State review of and consolidated State comments on proposed Federal rules, plans, and policies, to ensure they are consistent with all Federal laws and Statehood guarantees, including the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) and the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA).


These proposed Federal actions have Statewide implications for:

  • Natural resource development (including mineral and oil and gas exploration, development, production, and transportation), and future State and public revenue, jobs, and economic activity.
  • Opportunities for utility or transportation corridors on Federally managed lands.
  • Opportunities for public land uses and public access (including on Federal lands and to adjacent State and privately-owned lands).
  • Furthering State land entitlements.
  • Furthering State management activities.
  • Opportunities for recreation, hunting, fishing, and trapping.
  • Timber harvest.
  • Cabins in Alaska Conservation System Units (CSUs), such as National Forests (as allowed by ANILCA).

Please contact Cathe at any time with questions.