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Mining Program

– including the Large Mine Permitting Team (LMPT)

Mining Program Manager: Kate Harper,, 907-269-5533

The objective of this program is to efficiently advance responsible project construction, operations, and expansion to complement the State’s policy goals of increasing Alaskan production of conventional and critical minerals and continuing to foster the responsible natural resource development that drives the State’s economy.

OPMP works with applicants and regulators to develop timelines that align, to the greatest extent possible, statutory, regulatory, and other permit requirements with project needs and goals. Progress is monitored, potential challenges and opportunities are identified, and support is continuously provided.

Greens Creek

OPMP-coordinated projects include:

  • Manh Choh, Kensington, Greens Creek, Pogo, Donlin, Fort Knox, Aktigiruq-Anarraaq, Red Dog, Gil, Arctic, Illinois Creek, Livengood, Palmer, Niblack, Pebble, Nixon Fork, and Ambler Access Project.

This program also involves OPMP facilitation of the State’s response to proposed Federal actions. OPMP coordinates multi-agency State review, represents the State as Cooperating Agency (engaging technical experts), and submits consolidated State comments:

  • During the Federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process on projects in its Mining Program.
  • On proposed Federal rules, plans, and policies affecting mining (including conventional and critical mineral exploration, development, production, and transportation), and other projects and Alaskan interests.

Please contact Kate at any time with questions about how OPMP can help your project.