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State ANILCA Coordination

ANILCA Program

OPMP is the lead coordinating agency for interagency state participation in implementation of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA). ANILCA specifically directs federal agencies to consult and coordinate with the State of Alaska.  Following passage of ANILCA in 1980, the Governor’s Office and state agencies responsible for natural resources, transportation and tourism assigned representatives to a team to track and influence federal actions that implement ANILCA.  Since passage of ANILCA, the State ANILCA Program has taken an increasing role in preserving the institutional memory and intent of ANILCA, which is especially important given the regular turnover of federal managers in Alaska.


Mission and Objectives

The mission of the State of Alaska's ANILCA Program is to monitor implementation and advocate for the special provisions of ANILCA that are unique to Alaska and to ensure that state interests are appropriately considered. Our priority objectives:

  • Protect access for traditional activities, including hunting, fishing, trapping, camping and wildlife viewing;
  • Promote state Constitutionally-guaranteed access to and along state waterways;
  • Protect access and development opportunities for natural resources located on inholdings and adjacent non-federal lands; and
  • Encourage appropriate tourism that provides visitor services and benefits local economies.

The ANILCA Program coordination activities include:

  • Review ANILCA land planning documents, policies and proposed regulations affecting conservation system units (CSUs), (e.g., national parks and wildlife refuges) and other federal lands and initiatives affected by ANILCA;
  • Assist the Governor's Washington Office as requested on national legislation, regulations and policy affecting federal land management in Alaska;
  • Conduct training on ANILCA for federal and state agencies and the public; and
  • Facilitate federal/state partnership and cooperation (e.g., Denali Overflights Advisory Council).

Please contact Cathe at any time with questions.