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Carbon Offset Program on State Land

Senate Bill 48 became law in May 2023, opening Alaska to exciting opportunities in the voluntary carbon offset market! The new law – which does not authorize any specific project – directs the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to establish separate programs to:

1. Lease State of Alaska land to third parties for carbon management purposes

2. Undertake carbon offset projects by the State

Alaska’s constitution requires the State to maximize our resources on behalf of Alaskans. DNR’s mission is to develop, conserve and maximize the use of Alaska's natural resources consistent with the public interest. Carbon management corresponds with DNR's mission and compliments Alaska’s current land and natural resources uses.

The next step is for DNR to develop regulations through partnerships with our Division of Mining, Land & Water; Division of Forestry & Fire Protection; and the Office of Project Management & Permitting. The timeline below includes more information about this process.

Check back here for updates as regulations are developed, including opportunities for public participation and links to documents.

Class IV (6) Well Primacy: The new law also authorizes the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission to pursue primary enforcement responsibility for Class IV injection wells from the federal government in anticipation of future legislation establishing a regulation framework for geologic carbon sequestration. For questions, please contact Phone: (907) 279-1433

State Carbon Offset Program

Office of Project Management & Permitting

Regulations Process:

State Land Leases for Carbon Management Purposes

Divison of Mining, Land, & Water

Regulations Process: