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Financing for The Future

Established 1953

The Agricultural Revolving Loan Fund (ARLF) application and supporting documents can be found below. The objective of the ARLF is to promote the development of agriculture as an industry throughout the State by means of moderate interest rate loans.

  • SHORT TERM - loans to finance annual operating expenses such as seed, feed, fertlizer, harvesting or planting activities.
  • CHATTEL - loans to purchase equipment or livestock.
  • FARM DEVELOPMENT - loans to purchase real property and construct non-residential improvements for agricultural purposes.
  • IRRIGATION - loans to purchase and install irrigation systems.
  • PRODUCT PROCESSING - loans to build and equip facilities to process Alaska agricultural products.
  • CLEARING - loans to provide for land clearing.
Loan Type Maximum Loan Maximum Term Fixed Rate
Short Term $200,000 1 year 4.00%
Chattel $1,000,000 7 years 3.00%
Farm Development $1,000,000 30 years 3.50%
Irrigation $1,000,000 30 years 3.50%
Product Processing $250,000 30 years 3.50%
Clearing $250,000 20 years 3.50%

Total outstanding balances of ARLF loans for a borrower may not exceed $1,000,000


Loan applications must be submitted on ARLF forms. Required information provided on forms other than those provided by ARLF are subject to ARLF Loan Officer review. Applications are processed and reviewed by the ARLF staff. Completed applications are submitted to the Board of Agriculture & Conservation (BAC) for consideration at the next scheduled meeting.

2023 BAC Meeting Schedule

2023 Regular Meeting Schedule
January 1/10/2023
February 2/07/2023
March None
April 4/25/2023
May 5/09/2023
June 6/06/2023
July None
August None
September None
October 10/10/2023
November 11/09/2023
December TBD


Loans may be made to individuals, partnerships, joint ventures, corporations or other business entities. Proof of current Alaska residency must be provided by applicants at loan closing. A statement of Agricultural and other business experience with evidence of necessary related skills and training is required.


Loan funds may only be used for agricultural production or processing operations in Alaska. Loans may not exceed 75% of the value of the collateral, less existing liens.


Loans must be secured by adequate collateral as appraised by the ARLF or an independent appraiser. Collateral for consideration may include land, improvements, machinery, equipment, crops or livestock. Property insurance, naming ARLF as loss payee, is required on buildings and all vehicles, machinery, equipment and livestock that are stored in buildings and used as collateral.


Loan terms, including payment terms, will be based on applicant's ability to service the loan. Payment terms may be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or variable.


Fixed interest rates are comparable to rates charged by other Alaska agricultural lenders and established by the BAC. A non-refundable $50 application fee is required. If you have any questions, please contact:

Christy Kolvoord
Natural Resource Specialist III
Division of Agriculture
Agricultural Revolving Loan Fund
1801 S. Margaret Drive, Suite 12
Palmer, Alaska 99645-6736
Phone: (907) 761-3853
Fax: (907) 745-7112


Payment Fact Sheet
Tips for Completing ARLF Loan Applications
Good Borrower Credit Fact Sheet
ARLF Application Checklist
Loan Application
Financial Statement
Collateral List
Annual Income and Expense
Five Year Operating Plan
Child Support Verification
Financial Institution Verification