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Below are some resources that are intended to help School Food Service Professionals locate and utilize Alaska Grown product in their school meal programs. Receipes have been developed and translated into a variety of batch sizes to best meet your needs. If you do not see a receipe card that meets your size needs, please contact Johanna Herron at

Alaska Lunch Tray Map

Finding AK Grown

2016-2017 Alaska Grown Source Book

AK Grown Produce: Seasonal Availability Chart

Nutritional Alaska Foods in Schools (NAFS) Participating Vendor List

AK Grown Product Availability Chart: USDA Certified Meat Processors

Fish to School Procurement Resources

Local Fish Resource Guide

Fish to School Classroom Lessons

Recipe cards

Roasted Vegetable Recipes

Recipe cards for AK Grown Barley Rolls

Large Batch

Batch of 1500

Batch of 750

Batch of 100

Small Batch

Batch of 60 using cups

Batch of 60 using ounces

Batch of 30 using cups

Batch of 30 using ounces