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Forest Service - Tongass National Forest; NOI Alaska Shoreline II Outfitter/Guide EIS
The Tongass National Forest has issued a Notice of Intent (NOI) to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to allocate a portion of the overall visitor capacity to outfitter and guide use within four ranger districts of the Tongass. The project will consider marine shoreline-based commercial non-motorized recreation use on Admiralty Island National Monument and Juneau, Hoonah and Sitka Ranger Districts. The project area generally extends 1/2 mile inland (more where specfic outfitter and guide activities and locations are acccessed from the shoreline (i.e., goat/deer hunting, canoe route/portage, freshwater fisihing). The ROD will disclose how the FS decides to allocate shoreline-based recreation capacity for outfitter/guides. The public review scoping document and further information is available at the Federal Register website.

Comments must be received by July 31, 2014. Comments can be submitted via the project Web site. Click on the link “Comment on Project” to submit comments and attach documents. Comments may also be sent via to email or sent via fax to 907-747-4253. Send written comments to Jay Kinsman, Shoreline II Team Leader, Sitka Ranger District, 204 Siginaka Way, Sitka, AK 99835.

For further information contact Jay Kinsman, Shoreline II Team Leader by phone: (907)747-4228 or email:

Forest Service - Use by Over-Snow Vehicles (Travel Management Rule Amendment)
In response to a court order, the USFS is proposing to amend the agency's travel management rule (79 FR 34678, June 18, 2014) to require designation of National Forest System roads, trails, and land areas where over-snow vehicle use is allowed, restricted, or prohibited. Comments are due in writing by August 4, 2014. Submit comments electronically at the Federal eRulemaking portal at or by mail to: USFS, Attn: Joseph Adamson, Recreation, Heritage, and Volunteer Resources Staff, 1400 Independence Avenue SW., Stop 1125, Washingon, DC 20250-1125. Further information is available from Joseph Adamson, (202)205-0931.

National Park Service - Notice of Land Exchange
The National Park Service is proposing to exchange a fee interest in Federally owned lands in Seward, AK, for land owned by the Universty of Alaska in the Long Lake area of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Interested parties may submit written comments to the following address.

For further information contact: Chuck Gilbert, Realty Officer, NPS, Alaska Land Resources Program Center, 240 W. 5th Ave., Rm. 114, Anchorage, AK 99501, 907-644-3426, email: Chuck Gilbert

Forest Service - Chugach Forest Plan Revision
The Chugach National Forest is beginning the first phase of a 3-year planning process to revise the 2002 forest plan under the 2012 National Forest System Planning Rule. The public review scoping document and further information is available at the The public review scoping document and further information is available at the project website.