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Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Division of Mining, Land and Water

Manh Choh

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Project Description

Kinross Gold Corporation (Kinross), the majority owner of a joint venture (Peak Gold) with Contango ORE, Inc., has proposed to develop an open pit gold mine approximately 10 miles south of Tok, Alaska, in the Upper Tanana Athabascan Village of Tetlin.

The mine site would be located on top of a group of low hills in the northern part of a lease between Tetlin and Peak Gold and would be accessible from the Alaska Highway, on the approximately 5-mile Tetlin Village Road "Manh Choh (Twin Road)," and the approximately 9-mile Project access road "Manh Choh (Site Road)," both on Tetlin Land.

Contingent on securing required state, federal, and local authorizations, Peak Gold estimates that the Project would require approximately two years of construction, followed by an active mine life of approximately 4.5 years. Mining activity would be conducted by conventional truck and shovel operation, operating year-round, seven days per week, twenty-four hours a day.

Peak Gold LLC began constructing the Twin Road and Site Road for the Project in 2022 supporting commencement of mining in 2023.


None at this time.

Financial Assurance

Financial assurance in the amount of $63,507,000 has been received from Peak Gold, LLC.

Permits and Approvals

Environmental Audits

Annual Reports and Meetings

Other Supporting Documents


Archive of older financial assurance, permits, approvals, annual reports, and other supporting documents


Ashlee Adoko
Executive Director
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Office of Project Management and Permitting
Phone:(907) 269-8732
Fax: (907) 269-5673

Mail or Visit at:
550 W. 7th Ave., Suite 1430
Anchorage, AK 99501

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