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Alaska Hydrologic Survey

What is the purpose of the Alaska Hydrologic Survey?

The objective of the Alaska Hydrologic Survey (AHS) is to provide technical hydrologic information to ensure proper and accurate management of the State's water resources for the benefit of the people of the State of Alaska. Hydrologic data are provided to state, federal, and municipal governments, as well as industry and the general public.

What are the statutes and regulations that govern the Alaska Hydrologic Survey?

The statutory basis for the Alaska Hydrologic Survey (AHS) existence and programs are under AS 41.08. Under those guidelines, AHS is specifically charged with "the systematic collection, recording, evaluation, and distribution of data on the quantity, location, and quality of water of the state in the ground, on the surface of the ground, or along the coasts, are in the public interest and necessary to the orderly domestic industrial development of the state."

The following categories are components of the "Alaska Hydrologic Survey". Select one of the following categories to see information pertaining to that particular category.

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