Check if it fits!

After putting your life jacket on, test its fit by pulling up on the shoulder straps. If the life jacket can be pulled up to the top of your ears, it may need to be tightened. If the life jacket can still be pulled above your ears after you tighten the straps, you will need to get a smaller life jacket. You want the life jacket to fit snug and be comfortable.

Read The Label

  • Is this life jacket U.S. Coast Guard approved?
  • What are the weight and chest size limits?
  • Is this life jacket restricted to any specific uses?
Read the Label

  Alaska's boating fatalities: 9 of 10 were not wearing a life jacket, or were never found   -  5 of 6 followed a capsize, swamping, ejection, or fall overboard, into Alaska's cold water   -  9 of 10 were adult males -  9 of 10 involved boats under 26 feet in length  -  3 of 4 involved powerboats