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Safe Burning Resources

Burn Barrel

Debris Pile


Burn Barrel Specifications, Debris Pile Requirements, and Lawn Burning

Diagram of requirements for burn barrel specifications, debris pile requirements, and lawn burning.

Camping and Warming Fires

As long as the campfire or warming fire is not over 3 feet in diameter you do not need a Burn Permit. Be sure to have 5 ft of cleared area around your campfire and keep enough water nearby to put out the flames if the fire begins to spread.

Be aware that fire officials may close an area to burning which may include campfires.

Remember you are liable for the wildfire if the campfire / warming fire escapes as a result of negligence. If you start a fire, you are responsible for it until the fire is completely out.

Large Scale Burning Specifications

Large Scale Burn Permits are required for burning that is larger or more complex than is allowed under a Small Scale Burn Permit. For more information about Large Scale burning, please contact your nearest Division of Forestry Office.