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Tree Graphic for Landing Page.png Safe Burning in Alaska
"Learn Before you Burn!"

  • Burn Permits are required in Alaska from April 1st to August 31st.
    *Burn permits are required state-wide unless area is covered by a more stringent local or federal permit.
  • Small Scale Burn Permits are required for burn barrels, burning a maintained lawn of less than 1 acre, and a brush pile of organic material not exceeding 10 feet in diameter by 4 feet in height.
    DNR-SmallScaleBurn- Burn Barrel
    DNR-SmallScaleBurn- Small Pile
    DNR-SmallScaleBurn- Lawn
  • Large Scale Burn Permits are required for any burning of wooded debris that exceeds the size and complexity of the small-scale burn permit including agricultural parcels, land clearing, and logging operations. Additional equipment and site inspection may be required.
    Equipment - Large Scale Icon
    DNR-LargeScaleBurn- Water Requirements
    Site Inspection - Large Scale Icon
  • Campfires less than 3 feet in diameter do NOT require a Burn Permit.