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State ANILCA Coordination

Correspondence 2015

Date Sent to: Project/Topic adobe
2/13/15 NPS, Acting Regional Director Superintendents' Proposed Compendiums 1292 KB
2/19/15 Secretary, USDOI Final Arctic National Wildlife Refuge CCP EIS 134 Kb
296 KB
2/27/15 Superintendent, Denali National Park and Preserve Gorge Creek Trail EA 254 KB
3/13/15 Superintendent Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve General Management Plan Amendment EA/Wilderness Stewardship Plan EA 592 KB
3/18/15 Monument Ranger, Admiralty National Monument Angoon-Mitchell Bay Outfitter Guide EA 705 KB
3/20/15 Lead Env. Program Manager, FAA -- Alaska Region/Airports Divsion Draft EIS Angoon Airport 452 KB
6/12/15 Superintendent, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Climate Monitoring EA 335 KB
7/20/15 National Park Service, Office of Tribal Relations Tribal Plant Gathering National Rulemaking 340 KB
7/20/15 US Fish and Wildlife Service Kenai Refuge Public Use Regulations 517 KB
8/6/15 Superintendent, Katmai NPP Commercial Services Strategy Scoping 481 KB
8/13/15 Superintendent, Bering Land Bridge NP Emergency Shelter EA 346 KB
10/27/15 Superintendent, Denali NPP Trails Plan Scoping 395 KB
12/3/15 Superintendent, Wrangell-St. Elias NPP Backcountry/Wilderness Stewardship Plan Scoping 423 KB
12/3/15 Director, USFWS National Wildlife Refuge Closure Plan 97 KB
12/28/15 National Park Service Geologic Resources Division Proposed Revised Non-Federal Oil and Gas Regulations 563 KB

Contact Information

Susan Magee
State ANILCA Program Coordinator
Phone: 907-269-7529
Office of Project Management & Permitting
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1430
Anchorage, AK 99501-3579
Fax: 907-269-5673