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A longer, colder spring combined with a hot dry summer has resulted in hay farmers seeing crops about 1/3 to 1/2 of normal production. In August the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture authorized emergency haying on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands near Delta Junction in an effort to increase the in-state supply of hay. The Division of Agriculture has been in contact with the Department of Transportation, Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement regarding oversize and overweight permits for producers transporting hay into Alaska from the Canadian border. Contact 907-365-1203 for additional information.

Regulations and Requirements for Moving Cargo in the State of Alaska

Hay Permit

  • This permit allows movement at the dimensions shown at the bottom of the permit and at legal weights. The legal width in Alaska is 8'6" (17 AAC 25.320) hence the need for the permit if the bales are wider than 8'6".

Chapter 25 (17 AAC 25)

  • 17 AAC 25.013 addresses Legal Vehicle Weight.
  • As stated in (a) two different weight limits apply to determine legal weight. The most restrictive limitation is used.
  • (6) examines the maximum gross vehicle weight. This formula is also referred to as the Bridge Formula Chart.

DOT Examples of Configuations

Administrative Permit Manual

  • This manual is referred in Chapter 25 17 AAC 25.320. It specifies the requirements to move over dimensional loads such as signs, beacons, pilot cars, etc.