Farmers markets in Alaska are thriving! In 2005 the Division listed 13 markets throughout the State; in 2011 that number is 31, and growing! Each time a new market opens, many questions are asked about rules, authorities, and general guidance. In an effort to provide an overview of relevant information for new market managers and farmers considering vending at a market, this manual was developed. The manual is broken into two sections. The first half is compiled of information regarding the market as a whole, with market managers as the target audience. The second half is vendor-specific information. Please refer to the Table of Contents for an overview of topics covered. Some guidance documents, articles and reports were considered valuable enough to be included within the manual as appendices. Other information and websites are listed as links on the "Resources" pages at the end of the manager specific and vendor specific sections. Over time the Division will provide new and updated information to be included in the manual. If you have questions or concerns about information included within this manual, please contact the Division of Agriculture, Marketing section.

Introduction Letter 2013

Table of Contents

Manual for Managers

Appendix A: Sample Survey for Consumers

Appendix B: Sample Survey for Businesses

Appendix C: Dot Surveys

Appendix D: Tools for Rapid Market Assessments

Appendix E: Choosing a Location

Appendix F: Site Considerations

Appendix G: Alaska State Laws on Road Signs

Appendix H: Can we play Copyrighted Music at our Market?

Appendix I: How to Start a Farmers Market

Appendix J: Understanding the Link Between Farmers Market Size and Management Organization

Appendix K: Sample Rules Wasilla City Market

Appendix L: Sample Rules Anchorage Market & Festival

Appendix M: Understanding Famers Market Rules

Appendix N: Pacific Grove Farmers Market - Sample Budget

Appendix O: Tanana Valley Farmers Market Vendor Application

Appendix P: Fayetteville Farmers Market Membership Application

Appendix Q: Spenard Farmers Market: Food Assistance Vendor Handbook 2011

Farmers Market Manual for Vendors

Appendix T: Pricing for Profit

Appendix U: Alaska Weights and Measures

Appendix V: List of Scale Companies

Appendix W: Food Safety Begins on the Farm: A Growers Guide

Appendix X: Food Exemptions

Appendix Y: Shell Egg Regulations

Appendix Y: Safe Egg Handling

Appendix Z: Raw Milk Fact Sheet

Application for Anchorage Temporary Food Service Permit

State Checklist for Setting up a Temporary Food Service

State Temporary Food Service Fees

State Application for Temporary Food Service

Farmer's Market Resource Manual 2013