The Cooperative Marketing Program (CMP) began in 2000. The cooperative Marketing Program funds come directly from our state Marketing Budget, in an effort to support our Alaska Grown producers, to encourage the public to purchase Alaska Grown products, and to promote the agricultural industry.

The CMP is intended to promote industry, not solely benefit an individual. Cooperative Marketing ranges from general advertising, to education in the classrooms, producers grouping together to advertise their "industry", i.e. livestock, dairy, greenhouses, vegetables. Many of our state fairs have used this grant to encourage agricultural participation at the fairs, one of the largest public promotions in the state. Our farmers markets have also been successful in utilizing this grant to promote their markets, and encourage the public to "buy local." The CMP is a great way to promote the Ag industry, and it is not limited to any specific area, but open to anyone involved in the agricultural community, granting they are an approved Alaska Grown user.

The Cooperative Marketing Program is a match grant. For every dollar received, a dollar must be spent. In-kind match funds are acceptable. This allows marketing funds to be maximized. This grant has ranged in previous years, from $2000 - $5000. Typically this grant is open to receive proposals beginning from January / February, and then closes in February / March. Each year it varies slightly, depending on other grants available, and conferences being held. Keep a watch on our website to see when next years grant will become available.  

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