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Attention: Kenai Recording Office Closure Notice (more info)

Attention Mining Customers:

You can now schedule appointments with the Recorder's Office outside of office hours for large volumes of documents to be recorded. Although an appointment is not required, if you have 100 or more documents to record, call and make an appointment today! Appointments can be made by calling the Recorder's Office in Anchorage at 907-269-8875 and in Fairbanks at 907-452-3521.

Uniform commercial Code (UCC) Frequently Asked Questions

Recorded and/or filed documents and ALL information contained within those instruments become the permanent public record and are available for public viewing and/or purchase.

The following is a list of frequently asked questions and answers to assist you with filing at UCC Central File.

Q: Where do I file a UCC that covers as-extracted collateral or timber to be cut, or that is filed as a fixture filing and covers goods that are or are to become fixtures?
A: These documents would be recorded in the recording district where the property is located and recording fees would apply: fees
Q: Where do I file a new UCC financing statement?
A: In simple terms, the place of filing is the location of the debtor. For example, if the debtor's legal residence is in Alaska, you would file at UCC Central File. Determining the "location" of the debtor is complicated by the fact that there are different types of debtors, including individual and various organization types. Additionally, some filings require a financing statement to be filed where the collateral is located. Please consult your legal counsel if you are unsure of where to file.
Q: How do I determine the "location" of the debtor for filing purposes?
A: In the case of an individual debtor, file in the central filing office in the state of the debtor's legal residence. In the case of an organizational debtor (LLC, Inc., etc.) file in the state where the registered entity was initially organized. If the debtor is an unregistered organization, file in the state where its chief executive officer is located.
Q: Do you require use of national forms?
A: Yes. As per AAC 06.051, UCC Central File only accepts nationally approved forms from The International Association of Commercial Administrators. The forms available on our website are the most current IACA approved national forms. For a listing of the current forms available, as well as approved national form vendors, please visit the IACA website at:

Please note: DNR is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of non-DNR websites to which this department or its units may link. Such links do not imply an endorsement of that organization, site, product, or service.
Q: How will I know you received and filed my document?
A: You may check our live index by visiting our search page. UCC Central File's index is live and updated in real time throughout the business day. If you would like an acknowledgement copy, you must complete Item C on the national UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms. Otherwise, acknowledgement copies will not be provided.
Q: Is my original document returned to me after it has been filed with UCC Central?
A: No, UCC Central File files and retains all documents until they become inactive, at which time they are destroyed. Please be aware that any original documents that you wish to retain, such as a birth certificate or loan documents, will not be returned to you.
Q: What options are available for filing?
A: UCC filings are accepted by mail, courier, in person, via fax, or online.
Note: Electronic filing is accessible at:
Fax service is provided for filing UCC-1's, UCC-3's, as well as document retrieval and copy requests. To utilize this service, please fax your filing or request to the UCC Central File fax line at 907-269-8945. Be sure to include a cover sheet with your name, return address, telephone number, a valid VISA or MasterCard number, card expiration date, name as it appears on the card, and card holder's signature. If requested, an acknowledgement copy will be sent to the return address provided via regular US Postal service.
Q: What types of payment do you accept for filings?
A: Cash, personal check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or debit card. Our online system allows for credit card payments as well.
Q: Are the fees different for online filing versus paper filing?
A: No. UCC Central File's fees are the same regardless of whether you choose to file online, in person, via fax, or through the mail. Please see our fee schedule for additional information.
Q: Does UCC Central File offer an expedited service for filings and search reports?
A: No. UCC Central File is a first come first serve office. We do not offer expedited services.
Q: What types of search reports are available?
A: There are two basic types of search reports: information only, and information with copies. Search results will include filings reporting as active for up to one year past the date of lapse. UCC Online Certified Search application
Q: Can you fax my Information/Copy request back to me?
A: No, UCC Central File does not fax information requests or information requests with copies. UCC search requests contain original signatures to certify the results.
Q: Can I request a search or an information search with copies through the online filing system?
A: UCC Central File does offer certified copy searches but not information searches through our Online Certified Search application.
Q: Can I upload an attachment to my UCC filing online?
A: Yes, UCC Central File does allow a single scanned attachment to be uploaded to electronic documents.
Q: I filed a document online, will I receive a copy?
A: Yes, you will receive an email confirmation with a clickable link to your processed document. You may print as many copies as you require.
Q: What is the typical turnaround time for documents filed online?
A: Documents filed online are processed periodically throughout the business day. Please note that filings may be processed up to 24-72 hours from the time a designated recorder receives the filing due to holidays and weekends.
Q: Will you reject continuation statements not filed within the six month window period?
A: No. However, the fact that the filing office accepts such a continuation does not make it effective. Revised Article 9 puts the responsibility on the filing party. This means that the filing party must ensure that continuations are filed within the proper window of time.
Q: Can I use a single UCC-3 for multiple functions?
A: Yes, but the proper fee must be submitted for each function requested.
Q: Are there any additional fees for attachment pages to my financing statement, or additional debtors/secured parties?
A: UCC Central File does not charge any additional fees for additional pages or attachments. This also applies to UCC addendums, adding additional secured parties or debtors.
Q: How long will my UCC filing last?
A: The normal lapse period is five years from the date of the initial financing statement, unless continued. However, a filing will continue to report as active in our indexing system (and be reported on searches) until one year after the filing has lapsed, in accordance with Revised Article 9.
Q: Do UCC's require original signatures?
A: No. UCC Central File (District 500) no longer requires original signatures, as per Revised Article 9.
Q: What types of errors or omissions will cause a filing to be rejected?
A: Lack of debtor/secured party/assignee name and address on UCC-1's, lack of initial financing statement number on UCC-3's, insufficient fee, illegible information, unapproved forms.
Q: Can I access the UCC database through the Internet?
A: Yes. You may access our live database online by selecting one of the search options.
Q: I only know the serial number for a piece of equipment; can I find any outstanding UCC liens on it?
A: No, the UCC Central File online website only allows searching by name, date, document number, and document type.
Q: Can I see my recently filed document online?
A: Yes. Documents filed after July 1st, 2008 are available online to be viewed. For documents prior to July 1st, 2008 that are not available online please select the Order Document button to purchase a copy of a UCC document dated prior to this date.
Q: What if a debtor believes a filing was made in error?
A: Revised Article 9 authorizes the use of an Information Statement (UCC-5) to identify alleged errors in any filing. The form is available on our website.
Q: What is the difference between a conformed copy, and a "certified" copy?
A: A conformed copy is a photo copy of the filed UCC document, whereas a certified copy is stamped and signed by the filing officer as being an exact and true original from our records.
Q: Do I need to send in an additional copy to receive a conformed copy?
A: No, a conformed copy is created by the filing office, and is included in the filing fee.
Q: My original financing statement has lapsed, can it be "re-activated"?
A: No, once a document has lapsed, nothing further can be done to the filing.
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