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Attention Mining Customers:

You can now schedule appointments with the Recorder's Office outside of office hours for large volumes of documents to be recorded. Although an appointment is not required, if you have 100 or more documents to record, call and make an appointment today! Appointments can be made by calling the Recorder's Office in Anchorage at 907-269-8875 and in Fairbanks at 907-452-3521.

Preparing Documents

Recorded and/or filed documents and ALL information contained within those instruments become the permanent public record and are available for public viewing and/or purchase.

Please note: In the creation of the permanent public record, colored images may not be legible due to issues associated with the scanning process. A determination will be made at the time of recording to ensure that your document meets all minimum acceptance criteria, including legibility. If you have any questions, please contact your district recording office.

Generically speaking the State of Alaska is concerned with the following minimum recording criteria for any document submitted. It is the responsibility of the individual submitting the document to ensure that this minimum criteria is addressed. AS 40.17.030;11 AAC 06.040

The following information is stated in terms of document compliance with minimum recording criteria only, not document execution requirements or other substantive requirements for legal validity.

Plat minimum requirements
UCC Fixture Statement and Amendment minimum requirements
Document layout example
Minimum requirements for recorded documents

Document Size and Media Documents must be submitted on OPAQUE WHITE paper stock no larger than 8.5" x 14" in size.
AS 40.17.030(d); 11 AAC 06.040(a)(10)
Margins; Type Size, Paper Document must have a two-inch margin at top of first page, one-inch margins on all remaining sides and on all subsequent pages of same document. A $50.00 non standard document fee can be paid in addition to the appropriate recording fee if a document can't meet these margin requirements. Please note: Taping, gluing or stapling one page onto a bigger page to meet margins requirements is not acceptable and you will be charged the non standard document fee if submitted in this fashion. The non standard fee will also be charged for documents with two-hole punches at the top of any page. Type size must be no smaller than 10-point font. (See Example) These margin and font requirements do not apply to UCC fixture documents, plats, or certified copies from government agencies.
AS 40.17.030(a)(3); AS 40.17.030(d); 11 AAC 06.040(a)(3)(A)(B)
Legibility Document text must be of consistent clarity (no broken characters, or severe light and dark zones in text) to ensure that the camera can measure a strong light and dark contrast between text and background.
AS 40.17.030(a)(2)
Title Document must have a title reflecting its overall intent. If a title contains multiple functions, it is indexed under only the first function listed, unless the submitting party requests that it be recorded for multiple purposes and pays the additional fees.
AS 40.17.030(a)(4); 11 AAC 06.040(a)(5)
Indexing Information Clearly identify on the document the parties (and legal description, if applicable) to be indexed. All required indexing information must be in English.
AS 40.17.030(a)(5); 11 AAC 06.040(a)(8)
Mailing Addresses Deed documents must contain complete mailing addresses of all persons who grant or acquire an interest.
AS 40.17.030(a)(8)
Recording District Document must include the recording district in which it is to be recorded. This must be clearly stated on the document (See District List). For example, document should state Anchorage Recording District or Juneau Recording District. AS 40.17.030(a)(9); 11 AAC 06.040(a)(12)
Book and Page or Serial Number Reference Any document that amends, corrects, extends, modifies, assigns, or releases a previously recorded document must contain the book and page or serial number reference of the prior recording.
AS 40.17.030(a)(6); 11 AAC 06.040(a)(9)
Legal Description On a document where a legal description is present, the legal description must be complete enough that a particular parcel can be geographically located and identified. A legal description is sufficient for purposes of recording if it contains, at a minimum, a section, township, range and meridian designation or, in the case of subdivided property, the lot, block, subdivision name, or plat number of the parcel.
AS 40.17.030(a)(5); 11 AAC 06.040(a)(7)
Signatures/Acknowledgment Document must be signed and all signatures present must be originals (unless the document is a copy authorized to be recorded by other law). Conveyances, powers of attorney, contracts for sale or purchase of real property, and options for the purchase of real property must also be acknowledged. Signature requirements do not apply to UCC fixture documents. Please Note: Recording staff have no authorization to notarize documents.
AS 40.17.030(a)(1); AS 40.17.110(b); 11 AAC 06.040(a)(11)
"Return To" Name and Address “Return to” information must contain the name and complete mailing address (including zip code) of the person to whom the document may be returned after recording. If "Return To " information is in a cover letter, the letter may be recorded with the document (becoming part of the public record), provided the requisite fee is included. Failure to clearly identify the RETURN TO information will result in non-acceptance. Please do not put RETURN TO information in the margin area of the document.
AS 40.17.030(a)(7); 11 AAC 06.070
Fee The appropriate fee should be submitted based on the charges identified on the current fee schedule. (See Fees) AS 40.17.030(a)10); 11 AAC 06.040(a)(4)
Certified Copies Copies of governmental or court documents must be certified by the appropriate agency in order to be eligible for recording. Copies certified by any governmental agency are subject only to Legibility, Fee, Recording District, and "Return To" Name and Address above.
AS 40.17.030(b); 11 AAC 06.030; 11 AAC 06.040(b)