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Correspondence Archive

The Correspondence Archive contains formal letters and comments on draft and final plans, regulations, and policy documents that affect federal lands and citizen interests in Alaska. These documents are filed in date order and grouped by year.

Correspondence Archive for 2012

2/1/12 Richard Voss,
Refuge Manager,
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Comment Letter - Special Use Permit Application Instructions for Commercial Guided Education, Recreation, Sport Fishing and Air Operations within Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 215 KB
2/15/12 Sue Masica, Regional Director, National Park Service Comment Letter - 2012 Superintendent's Compendiums for the National Park units in Alaska 222 KB
3/5/12 Harris Sherman, Under Secretary, USDA Forest Service Comment Letter - Proposed Final USFS Planning Rule 987 KB
3/8/12 Division of Policy and Directives Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Comment Letter - Draft Policy on Interpretation of the Phrase "Significant Portion of its Range" in the Endangered Species Act 866 KB
3/14/12 Mr. Bud Cribley, State Director, BLM Request for Information on the BLM Trapping Cabin Policy 264 KB
4/6/12 Carol Goularte, District Ranger, Sitka Ranger District, USFS Comment Letter - White Sulphur Springs Bathouse Environmental Assessment 1.8 MB
4/11/12 Mr. Steve Hoover Comment Letter - Alaska Federal Lands Long Range Transportation Plan 230 KB
5/8/12 Mr. Lee Fink, Acting Superintendent, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve Comment Letter - General Management Plan Alternatives for Lake Clark National Park and Preserve 145 KB
5/18/12 Stephanie Brady,
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Comment Letter - Proposed Izembek National Wildlife Refuge Land Exchange and Road Corridor Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement 237 KB
6/15/12 Mr. Bud Cribley, Alaska State Director, BLM Comment Letter - National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Draft Intergrated Activity Plan and Enivironmental Impact Statement 439 KB
7/2/12 Forrest Cole, Forest Supervisor, Tongass National Forest, Ketchikan-Misty Fiord National Monument Comment Letter - Bell Island Geothermal Leases Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement 91 KB
7/9/12 Lt General Steve Hoog, Commander,
Alaskan Command
Comment Letter - Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex Modernization and Enhancement Draft Environmental Impact Statement 378 KB
7/29/12 Mr. Paul Anderson, Superintendent,
Denali National Park and Preserve
Comment Letter - Denali Park Road Final Vehicle Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement 226 KB
8/2/12 Mr. Bud Rice, National Park Service, Anchorage Comment Letter - Katmai National Preserve Hunting Guide Concession Environmental Assessment 2.1 MB
10/19/12 Freedom of Information Act Officer, USDA Forest Service, Region 10 Information Request for the Tongass National Forest under the Freedon of Information Act 49 KB
11/12/12 Mr. Forrest Cole,
Forest Supervisor,
Tongass National Forest
Comment Letter - Proposed Public Use Cabin Closures 314 KB
11/19/12 Ms. Susan Boudreaux,
Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve
Comment Letter - Huna Tribal House Environmental Assessment 46 KB
11/30/12 Mr. Zachary Babb,
National Park Service,
Anchorage Regional Office
Comment Letter - Serpentine Hot Springs Master Plan Environmental Assessment 86 KB
12/5/12 Ms. Sue Masica,
Regional Director,
National Park Service
Comments regarding the public hearing on proposed changes to the state hunting regulations for Denali National Park and the Compendium Process 890 KB
12/12/12 Ms. Jeanette Pomrenke
Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
Comment Letter - Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Sport Hunting Guide Concessions Environmental Assessment 126 KB
12/19/12 Mr. Daniel M. Ashe, Director,
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
US Fish and Wildlife Friend's Organization Policy Interim Policy Guidance Inquiry 780 KB
12/28/12 Mr. Edwin Roberson
Assistant Director
Renewable Resources and Planning, BLM Washington
Request for a public meeting in Alaska during the scoping period for BLM's EIS evaluating three new herbicides to be used by the BLM in 17 western states 52 KB

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