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Correspondence Archive

The Correspondence Archive contains formal letters and comments on draft and final plans, regulations, and policy documents that affect federal lands and citizen interests in Alaska. These documents are filed in date order and grouped by year.

Correspondence Archive for 2011

1/28/11 Kevin Killcullen, Information Officer, US Fish and Wildlife Service Comment Letter - US Fish and Wildlife Service Special Use Permit Application Forms Change 129 KB
1/31/11 David Allen, GAP Solutions, Inc. Comment Letter - Management Alternatives for the Unimak Island Caribou Herd Environmental Assessment 98 KB
2/15/11 Sue Masica, Regional Director, National Park Service Comment Letter - National Park Service 2011 Compendium Proposed Changes 176 KB
2/28/11 Sandy Hamilton, Environmental Quality Division, National park Service Comment Letter - Notice of Intent to prepare a PEIS for Revisions to the Regulations that govern non-federal oil and gas rights within boundaries of units of the National Park System 170 KB
3/4/11 Captain Uriah L. Orland, Director of Public Affairs, Alaska Command Comment Letter -Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex Modernization and Enhancement Environmental Impact Statement 136 KB
3/15/11 Jeffrey Brooks, Division of Conservation Planning and Policy Comment Letter - Selawik National Wildlife Refuge Draft Revised Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Environmental Assessment 272 KB
3/30/11 Bud Cribley, Director, BLM, Alaska State Office Comment Letter - BLM Trapping Cabin Policy and Alaska 84 KB
4/11/11 Tina A. Campbell, Division Chief, Division of Policy and Planning, USF&WS Comment Letter - Petition to Classify the Wood Bison 99 KB
4/25/11 Alaska Resource Advisory Council, BLM Comment Letter - BLM Trapping Cabin Policy 84 KB
5/16/11 US Forest Service Planning Rule EIS Comment Letter - Proposed Rulemaking, National Forest System Land Management Planning Rule 257 KB
6/24/11 Forrest Cole, District Forester, Ketchikan Ranger District, Tongass National Forest Comment Letter - Bell Island Geothermal Lease Sites, Ketchikan-Misty Fiord Ranger District, Tongass National Forest 53 KB
8/31/11 Mr. Bod Abbey, Director, Bureau of Land Management Protest Letter - Delta River Special Recreation Management Are Plan and East Alaska Resource Management Plan Amendment 367 KB
9/30/11 Elwood Lynn, Acting Superintendent, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve Comment Letter - Nabesna Off-Road Vehicle Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement 185 KB
10/3/11 Beth Pendleton, Regional Forester, US Forest Service Appeal Letter - White Sulphur Springs Cabin, Bathhouse and Trails Project 194 KB
10/31/11 Miriam Valetine, Park Planner, Denali National Park and Preserve Comment Letter - Denali Park Road Draft Vehicle Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement 214 KB
11/4/11 Senator Lisa Murkowski Comment Letter - Senate Bill 730 the Southeast Alaska Native Land Entitlement Finalization and Jobs Protection Act 44 KB
11/24/11 Richard Voss, Refuge Manager, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Comment Letter - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Draft Revised Comprehensive Conservation Plan 9 MB

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