State Marine Parks near Cordova

Canoe Passage State Marine Park

Canoe Passage is located on Hawkins Island eight miles west of Cordova. This park encompasses the natural low pass on the island. Forested uplands and considerable wetlands line Canoe Passage. The seas are shallow to the south. The majority of Hawkins Island is private land.

Boswell Bay State Marine Park

Boswell Bay State Marine Park is located on the eastern tip of Hinchinbrook Island. Evidence of 1964 Earthquake can be seen here. The former shoreline is now farther inland by more than a mile. This southern edge of the park is a high-energy beach exposed to the Gulf of Alaska. Beach combing and hunting are popular here. Areas of the park are adjacent to the Copper River Delta State Critical Habitat.

Kayak Island State Marine Park

Kayak Island lies in the Gulf of Alaska some 50 miles southeast of Cordova. Few people visit this site due to the exposed shores and bad weather. The island is famed for being the site where the first European, Georg Steller, set foot in Alaska on July 1741. The marine park encompasses the approximate landing site of the Bering Expedition. Steller found a native camp, but no natives, and "exchanged some goods", leaving some European items and taking some native items.

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