Snowmobiling Areas in Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park contains 6 Snowmobile areas located throughout the park. Snowmobile access will be posted open when the Director of Alaska State Parks has determined that there is adequate snow depth to protect underlying land and vegetation.

When snowmobiling in the park make sure that you understand where the boundaries are. Full legal text is provided with links below. Comply with  all signage in area. Citations will be issued for violations. 11 AAC 20.040

The most up to date trail contition reports can be found here:

All snow machines operating on public lands must be registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles and display a valid registration decal. Contact the DMV for further information.   Snowmobile registration fees paid to the State fund the Snowmobile Trail Grant Program. These grants are awarded to develop and maintain public snowmobile trails and related facilities and for safety, education, and trail signing projects.

A person under 14 years of age may not operate a vehicle in a state park unless accompanied by and under the direct supervision of a parent or person 21 years of age or older. Proof of age or a state identification card shall be presented at the request of a park officer.  11 AAC 12.110

The legal definition of a snowmobile is defined here. 11.AAC 20.990 (26):

11 AAC 20.990. Definitions
(26) "snowmobile" means a self-propelled vehicle
    (A) intended for off-road travel on snow;
    (B) having a maximum width of 50 inches and a curb weight of not more than 1,000 pounds;
    (C) driven by one or more tracks in contact with the snow; and
    (D) steered by one or more skis in contact with the snow;


Area Description:The snowmobile area is the valley bottom from the Eklutna Lake Trailhead south to near the toe of Eklutna Glacier. Areas not opened to snowmobiles are the campground, Twin Peaks Trail, Bold Ridge Trail and East Fork drainage. 11 AAC 20.040 (1)
Fee: $5 parking fee/calendar day or annual day use pass.
Location: Take the Eklutna exit at Mile 26 of the Glenn Highway and follow the park signs ten miles to Eklutna Lake. Park in the large signed lot to the left.
Special Features: Users in the Eklutna Lake Valley will have views of steep canyon walls, waterfalls and the Eklutna Lake Glacier. Wildlife such as Dall sheep and mountain goats may be seen as well. Use of the Lakeside Trail is advised, as the lake ice can be unstable, especially at the edges. Caution must be used when crossing the lake ice.

Eklutna Brochure



Area Description: (also known as "Little Peters Creek") Trail climbs through forest for approximately 4 miles before opening up above treeline into several bowls available for snowmobiling. Please obey the speed limit (10mph) within the Ptarmigan Valley, which helps to reduce noise level impact on nearby residential areas. Meadow Creek is closed to snowmobiles. 11 AAC 20.040 (3)
Fee: No fee to park at this trailhead.
Location: Accessed from the trailhead off the Old Glenn Highway, in between the North and South Birchwood exits. (East side of the highway, near the Loretta French Ball field and the Rural Discount Center in Chugiak)
Special Features: There are nice woodland views at lower elevations. Be sure to stay on the trails in these areas. There are also views of upper Cook Inlet and Eagle River from this area.


Area Description: The snowmobile area is Peters Creek Valley from the trailhead up valley approximately 15 miles to the signed wilderness boundary.  The last 5 miles of the upper valley is within a wilderness zone and is closed to snowmobiles. the signed Four Mile Creek drainage is not open to snowmobiles. Please respect the private land the first 2.5 miles of the trail. After the first 5 miles, the trail is unmarked and easily lost. Please be aware that there are unbridged stream crossings, steep slopes and gullies prone to avalanches. 11 AAC 20.040 (2)
Fee: No fee to park at this trailhead. Parking is very limited at this trailhead please respect neighbors.
Location:  The trailhead is located at the end of Malcom Drive near Sierra Mesa Circle in Chugiak. Access to this area is via the Peters Creek Exit at Mile 21 of the Glenn Highway.
Special Features:  There are nice woodland views at lower elevations. Be sure to stay on the trail in these areas. There are also views of upper Cook Inlet and Eagle River from this area.


Area Description: The Eagle River water course and gravel bars downstream of the confluence of Icicle Creek and Eagle River to the Glenn Highway. The South Fork drainage and Meadow Creek are closed to snowmobiles.11 AAC 20.040 (5)
Fee: $5 parking fee at both Briggs Bridge and North Fork Access (Mile 7.4 of Eagle River Road) or annual day use pass.
Location: Access to the snowmobile area is via the Briggs Bridge Day Use Area off of Eagle River Loop Road or the North Fork Access at Mile 7.4 Eagle River Road.
Special Features:  Great family friendly riding area. Wildlife, scenic vistas.

ANCHORAGE HILLSIDE, South Fork of Campbell Creek (Powerline Pass)

Area Description: Snowmobilers must follow a designated two mile corridor beginning at Upper Huffman trailhead to access the open area. Beyond a sign posted at the two-mile mark, snowmobilers have access to the entire Powerline Valley. Williwaw Lakes Valley is not open to snowmobiles. Crossing over Ship or Powerline Pass will also result in violation. 11 AAC 20.040 (7)
Fee: $5 parking fee or annual day use pass.
Location: Following the signs from O'Malley Road to the Upper Huffman Trailhead. Trailhead is at the terminus of Sultana drive.
Special Features:  Views of Alaska Range, Anchorage. Flat lower valley riding terrain and intermediate to advanced riding up valley.

Anchorage Hillside Brochure


Description: The snowmobiles are allowed on  logging roads from the trailhead up valley to the signed closure (Approx. 4.5 miles). The main trail follows the creek up the valley floor. Ride with care, as there are large trees in this area. 11 AAC 20.040 (8)
Fee: No fee at this trailhead.
Location: To access this area go to Mile 101 of the Seward Highway to the Bird Creek Trailhead, then turn toward the mountains on Konikson Road just passed the gas station. Follow road .6 miles to trailhead and parking.
Special Features: Great family riding area. Trails are mainly old logging roads lined with large spruce. Views of surrounding mountains and Bird Creek.

Bird Creek Guide

For further information, you may contact the Chugach State Park Headquarters office at 345-5014 or the Public Information Center in Anchorage at 269-8400.

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