Rules and Regulations for Chena River State Recreation Area


 Fireworks and explosives are prohibited.
 Discharge of firearms: discharge of weapons is prohibited except for lawful hunting or trapping. Target shooting is only allowed at the developed shooting range mile 36.4 Chena Hot Springs Road.
 Overnight use of a developed campsite, including designated parking areas, requires payment of a fee or an annual pass. Camping within the park is limited to 15 consecutive days thereafter.
 In developed campgrounds, camping is permitted only at a developed campsite.
 Campsites must be occupied the first night after camping equipment is set up or a vehicle is parked in the campsite.
 Campground quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.
 Litter is an eyesore and a disappointment to park visitors. All refuse should be removed or placed in the litter containers provided. Refuse may not be brought into the park for disposal. In the backcountry, please pack out what you pack in and leave your campsite as you found it. Practice "no trace" camping.
Canoeing  Fires must be confined to fire pits in the campgrounds and picnic areas, to gravel bars, or to gravel pits. Use a portable stove for heat and cooking in the backcountry.
 Wildflowers, trees, ferns, and grasses should be left for others to appreciate.
 Berry and mushroom gathering are permitted for personal consumption and household use, but not for commercial purposes.
 Dead wood lying on the ground may be gathered for a campfire where campfires are allowed.
 Cultural and archaeological artifacts must remain undisturbed.
 Motor vehicles are generally restricted to roads and parking lots. Off-road vehicles are permitted on trails designated for their use.
 Snowmachines may be used when snow depth is sufficient, except in the southeastern portion of the park.
Operators of snowmachines and off-road vehicles must be at least 14 years old, or under the direct supervision of a parent or another person at least 21 years old.
 Bicycles are permitted on trails open to off-road vehicles. They are prohibited on the Angel Rocks and Granite Tors Trails but may be used on the Chena Dome Trail.
 Horses, mules, burros, and llamas are allowed except when on the Granite Tors Trail. Groups using ten or more animals must obtain a park use permit. Tethering animals within 100 feet of fresh water and loose herding are prohibited.
 Peddling or display of signs is prohibited.
 Pets must be on leashes at developed facilities such as campgrounds and picnic areas and may not create excessive noise. Leashes are not required in other areas, but pets should be kept under control at all times.
 Reservations are required only for the public use rental cabins and Twin Bears Camp. Permits are required for large groups of more than 20 people or for commercial activities.

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