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Kenai / Kodiak Area Firewood Cutting Stipulations



1.  This permit may be cancelled at any time by the Department of Natural Resources.


2.  Tree cutting must be within boundaries shown on the maps.  Permittees should have a copy of the cutting area map along with their permit when cutting wood.


3. Firewood areas are flagged with ribbon and/or signs. Make sure to remain within boundaries.


4.  Permits are for cutting dead trees only, standing or downed.  Do not cut live trees or disturb small trees.


5.  Wood pieces larger than 5 inches in diameter must be removed by the permittee.


6.  Stumps should be no more than 12 inches high.


7.  Firewood harvested under this permit is for personal use only—not for resale.


8. Do not cut trees marked with blue paint.


9. Report violations of permit stipulations to the Alaska Division of Forestry.


10. Vehicles, including snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles may be present in the firewood areas at all times.  Drive with caution.