Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Commissioner Joe Balash, Communications Coordinator, Elizabeth Bluemink

August 2, 2007


Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin announced the appointment of Franci Havemeister as the Director of the Division of Agriculture. "I am impressed with her vision for the agriculture industry, the desire to get the entire agriculture community working together and the opportunity to develop great working relations between the administration, Board of Agriculture (BAC), agriculture community and DNR," said Irwin.

Havemeister has been an active part of the farming community in Alaska. "I am looking forward to contributing to the promotion and long term success of agriculture in the State of Alaska," said Havemeister. She further declared "I know we have challenges but to me they are opportunities."

Havemeister will be responsible for managing the Division of Agriculture, working with the BAC, and setting policy for agriculture in Alaska. The division manages various aspects of the agricultural industry, including inspection programs that ensure quality products, controlling the entry of potentially harmful plants and products into Alaska, product marketing, and land sales.

The Board of Agriculture and Conservation administers the Agriculture Revolving Loan Fund (ARLF) through the division of Agriculture. The fund provides loans to assist the agricultural community in expanding production of Alaska grown products. The BAC also manages ARLF assets, such as the Mat-Maid Creamery and the Mt. McKinley Meat and Sausage facility.

The division's Northern Latitude Plant Materials Center provides testing, production and development of plant materials. These materials are used in revegetation, reclamation, forage and seed production.

Havemeister assumes her new position on August 2, 2007. The Division of Agriculture's offices are located in Palmer and Fairbanks.


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