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Recorder's Office - Name Search Menu

When entering a person's name, use the following format:  SMITH JOHN A JR.
Note, this search also includes Subdivision Names.
See Search and Index Guidelines for helpful tips in searching index records.
UCC documents are shown as "active", "inactive" or "lapsed".   UCC-1 filings will show "active" for five years along with any subsequent amendments.   If it is not continued in the designated time within that five year period, the status changes from "active" to "lapsed" for one year.   After that one year period as "lapsed", the status changes to "inactive".

(Please Note:   A "Wildcard" reference means the filing does not tie to an "active" filing; and, a filing shown as "active" does not necessarily mean effective.)

Documents are entered in nonsequential batches.   Temporary document number gaps may exist in current data.

If you identify a possible indexing error (typo, reversed names, etc) or can not locate the record you are trying to find please Contact Us

All documents are provided as a public service for your convenience.     Updates and corrections occur on a daily basis; however, the State of Alaska shall not incur any liability for errors or omissions with respect to the information provided on this web site.

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