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Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Communications Coordinator, Elizabeth Bluemink

November 29, 2017

DGGS improves access to rock geochemistry data

(Fairbanks, AK) – Obtaining the analyses of Alaska rock samples with high levels of zinc, gold, and copper just got a whole lot easier.

The Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) operates a database with more than 70,000 geochemistry samples from all over the state. This data is used by mineral exploration companies to generate new prospects and target high-grade zones, by geologists to “fingerprint” and map rock packages, and by environmental researchers to locate and mitigate the risk of naturally occurring or introduced hazardous materials.

DGGS recently completed a total redesign of the web application ( providing public access to the database. The new version allows users to search the database by drawing a box on an interactive map or typing in a Google-like search box. The results include analytical methods, sample types, and specific chemical elements for more than 70,000 samples from all over the state.

Users can now download geochemical data in two different formats, one optimized for GIS software and the other for analytical and database software. A linked help file contains useful examples on how to use the search bar to narrow your queries on geochemical analyses.

This compilation is provided to facilitate geologic research to help in the exploration and development of Alaska’s natural resources. The database will be continually updated as new DGGS geochemical analyses are released.

For more information about DGGS, visit to sign up for RSS feed or email notification or follow DGGS on Twitter or Facebook. More information about the Alaska Geochemistry online application is available at

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