Beaver Dam on Lake Kulik

Wood-Tikchik State Park Regulations

The following list of regulations help govern the management of Wood-Tikchik State Park. For a full list of State Park and Wood-Tikchik specific Regulations, please visit the Alaska Statutes and Regulations web page at

Wood-Tikchik Regulations

11 AAC 20.370 Use of Weapons

The use and discharge of a weapon for the purpose of lawful hunting or trapping is allowed in Wood-Tikchik State Park.

11 AAC 20.375 Aircraft

(a)  The use of fixed wing aircraft is allowed in Wood-Tikchik State Park.

(b)  A person may not land a helicopter in Wood-Tikchik State Park.

11 AAC 20.380 Power Boats

(a)  Except as provided in (b)-(c) of this section, the use of motorized boats is allowed in Wood-Tikchik State Park.

(b)  The use of an airboat is prohibited.

(c)  The use of a personal watercraft is allowed only on Lake Aleknagik.

(d)  The use of hovercraft.

           (1) Is allowed between January 1 and May 31 only on water bodies or on snow and ice covering water bodies;

           (2) except as authorized by the director under 11 AAC 18.010, is prohibited on Upnuk, Chikuminuk, Grant, Kulik, Nishlik, and
           Slate lakes and the upper Tikchik and Wind Rivers.

(e) The use of a motorized boat is prohibited on Lake Chikuminuk.

11 AAC 20.385 Campfires

Open fires are allowed on non-vegetated gravel bars and beaches.  

11 AAC 20.390 Snowmobiles

If the director finds that the snow depth is adequate to protect underlying vegetation, the director may open Wood-Tikchik State Park to the use of snowmobiles.

11 AAC 20.397 Public Use Limitations

(a)  A person, or at least one person in a party must apply for and obtain a permit issued under 11 AAC 18.010 before engaging in one or more of the following activities:

      (1) floating the Tikchik River from either Nishlik or Upnuk lakes;

      (2) camping on or around Chikuminuk, Nishlik, Slate, or Upnuk lakes.

(b)  A person may not organize or conduct an assembly or party in Management Units 1, 2, or 4 of more than 10 people in Wood-Tikchik State Park.

State Park Regulations

11 AAC 12.180 Fires - In a state park, all fires must be in a portable camp stove or confined to a structure provided by the division for fires, or as otherwise provided in 11 AAC 20.

11 AAC 20.983 Use of Aircraft

(a)  The use of fixed wing aircraft is allowed in the following state recreation areas, except for the purpose of practice landings:

           (1) Blair Lake State Recreation Area;

           (2) Tokositna State Recreation Area;

           (3) Lake Aleknagik State Recreation Site;

           (4) Fielding Lake State Recreation Area;

           (5) Lake Louise State Recreation Area.

(b)  In the Lake Aleknagik State Recreation Site, a person may not operate an aircraft in excess of “Slow No-wake” speed, five mile per hour maximum, within 200 feet of a state managed dock, swimming beach, or boat launch, or within an area designated and marked as a “Slow No-wake” zone.

(c)  A person may not step taxi, take off or land an aircraft within 400 feet of the shore in an area commencing 400 feet east of   Mosquito and Moody Points and running west along both shores of Lake Aleknagik State Recreation Site.