Wood-Tikchik State Park Management

Wood-Tikchik State Park Management Plan

Plan Purpose
The Wood Tikchik State Park Management Plan was adopted by the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources on October 4, 2002. The plan provides overall guidance for the management and development of Wood-Tikchik State Park and the Lake Aleknagik State Recreation Site. Most of the plans’ recommendations focus on matters of long-range significance, such as the regulation of commercial activities inside the park, rather than short-term operational concerns such as exact numbers and locations of facilities. With a few notable exceptions, specific short‑term actions are determined by park staff, who are most familiar with the park's use patterns and resources.

Aleknagik Natives, Limited (ANL) Conservation Easement

While most of the park uplands and all of the shore lands and waters are in state ownership, some of the uplands are held in private ownership. Of utmost significance is the 26,000+ acre Aleknagik Natives, Ltd. Conservation Easement surrounding the Agulowak River, River Bay, parts of Lake Nerka and northern portions of Lake Aleknagik.  This protected property is a large private in-holding within the boundaries of Wood-Tikchik State Park.

ANL has agreed that management activities conducted on the property protected by this easement shall be performed in accordance with the adopted Wood-Tikchik State Park Management Plan, a multiple resource management plan, and consistent with the purpose and intent of the easement. Although the conservation easement is private property, ANL has granted use of the property for sportfishing limited to a corridor of 25 feet upland from the ordinary high water line of Lake Aleknagik, the Agulowak River and Lake Nerka, except that anglers may move further inland as may be necessary for safe passage around obstacles.  For more information contact ANL at:

Aleknagik Natives, Ltd.
333 Main St.
Dillingham, AK 99576‎
(907) 842-2385

Wood-Tikchik State Park Management Council
As required by legislation establishing the park, the Wood-Tikchik Management Plan was developed by the Wood-Tikchik State Park Management Council which is composed of seven members representing the following entities:
Village of Koliganek;
City Council of New Stuyahok;
City Council of Aleknagik;
City Council of Dillingham;
Bristol Bay Native Association, Inc.;
Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources; and
Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Game

Wood-Tikchik State Park Management Council