KRSMA Management and Management Plan

KRSMA Management Plan

The Kenai River Comprehensive Management Plan is the basis for management of state land and waters within the Kenai River Special Management Area and other state land within the planning boundaries of the Management Plan. The management plan was developed by agencies and a public advisory board, and guides the cooperative efforts of the land managers. The plan's goal is to protect the natural resources and fish and wildlife habitat, manage the river's recreational and commercial uses, and provided public facilities.

KRSMA Comprehensive Management Plan


Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board

The Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board was originally created in 1985 under the authority of A.S. 41.21.510. The original Board was charged with developing a comprehensive management plan for the Kenai River. The original Comprehensive Plan was completed and the Board disbanded in 1986. In 1988 a new Board was appointed to help advise the Department of Natural Resources on implementation of the Plan. In 1997 the Board worked to update the Kenai River Comprehensive Management Plan, and it was adopted in December 1997. In May 2004 the Alaska Legislature passed a bill that changed the composition of the board from what the law had directed in the original 1984 KRSMA statute.

The Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board meets the second Thursday of each month from September to May. The meetings are held at the Donald R. Gilman River Center, 514 Funny River Road, Soldotna and begin at 5:30 p.m. For copies of the latest agenda and minutes please contact the Kenai/Prince William Sound Area Office at 907-714-2470.

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