Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you take reservations? Campsites are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Where is a good place to camp? Bing’s Landing Campground, Izaak Walton Campground, Morgan’s Landing Campground, and Funny River Campground are popular camping locations operated by Alaska State Parks. Maps and Brochures 

How much does it cost per night? Camping fees are $15.00 per site per night within the KRSMA campgrounds.

Can I have a fire? Fires are allowed in portable camp stoves and metal fire rings provided by the park.  11 AAC 12.180

Where can I get firewood? Wood that is both dead and lying on the ground may be gathered for use within the park. No wood may be gathered for use outside the park. Check with local campground hosts; bundles of firewood are available in some campgrounds for a small fee. When in doubt, bring your own. 11 AAC 12.170

Can I bring my pet? Pets must be on leash at all campgrounds, picnic areas, parking lots and trailheads, and under complete control (e.g. voice) in the backcountry. Please clean up after your pet. 11 AAC 12.130 

Where is a good place to fish on the Kenai River? There are numerous public facilities that provide fishing access. State Park facilities include: Bing’s Landing, Izaak Walton Campground, Morgan’s Landing, Funny River Campground, and Slikok Creek State Rec. Site. Other public access points include: Moose Ranger Meadows, Swiftwater Park, Gilman River Center, Soldotna Creek Park, Centennial Park and Cunningham Park. These are some of the most popular bank fishing areas on the Kenai River. 

How do I know if my engine is a two-stroke or four stroke engine? Older two stroke engines rely upon either mixed fuel, which combines two-cycle oil with gasoline in one fuel tank, or the engine has a two cycle oil reservoir that allows the oil to be mixed at the carburetor or injector before burning. A four stroke engine requires only unleaded fuel for power; oil is added only for lubrication into a crankcase, similar to automobiles. In most cases a four stroke motor will have an oil filter and dipstick or on smaller horsepower motors just a dipstick. If in doubt, take the motor to any outboard motor dealer who can assist you.

What guide service should I fish with? The State of Alaska Division of Parks has a current list of all commercially registered guides operating on the Kenai River. Please contact Alaska State Parks at (907) 714-2471 for additional information. 

Can I light off fireworks in the park? The discharge of fireworks is not allowed in state parks. They can injure visitors, disturb wildlife and cause wildfires. 11 AAC 12.197

Can I land my airplane or helicopter in the park? The use of fixed wing aircraft is allowed in the park with the following restrictions: Aircraft landings are prohibited on state park land within the KRSMA. Practice landings are allowed only on Kenai and Skilak Lakes. The waters of the Kenai River between the Warren Ames Bridge at river mile 5 and the Soldotna Bridge at river mile 21 are closed to the use of aircraft during the months of June and July. Helicopter landings are not allowed in the park. 11 AAC 20.855

Are there fees at the park? There is a $15.00 camping fee, $5.00 day use fee and boat launch fees for use of these State Park facilities along the Kenai River.  Fees help maintain our park facilitates. If you are a frequent user you may consider purchasing an annual pass.

When do I need a permit? Permits are required for the organized assembly of more than 20 people, any entertainment, athletic, or competitive event, any incompatible use, research involving disturbance or collection of park resources, and for commercial activities. Visit our permit page for more information. 11 AAC 18.010 

Can I pick berries in the park? Yes, berries and edible plants may be gathered for personal consumption, but not for sale. Collecting, damaging or disturbing rocks, trees, other plants or minerals is prohibited. 11 AAC 12.170

Motor Regulations Fact Sheet for Kenai River Special Management Area