Hunting & Fishing at Shuyak Island


Fishing on Shuyak Island

Shuyak Island is a popular sport fishing destination in August and September when silver salmon return to the island's freshwater systems to spawn.

Shuyak Island's uplands include hundreds of small lakes and beaver ponds fed from runoff, springs, and seeps. These lakes in turn feed many small creeks and streams that serve as habitat for many fish species. Of the 18 anadromous streams identified on Shuyak Island, 15 of them are a located either within or immediately adjacent to the park. These 15 streams are located in four distinct areas, which are utilized for sport, commercial, and subsistence fishing. These areas are: the southeast and southwest arms of Big Bay, the southeastern portion of Carry Inlet, and Shangin Bay.

Three species of salmon utilize the island's anadromous streams: silver, red and pink salmon. In addition, Dolly Varden and rainbow trout also inhabit these freshwater systems. Sport and commercial salmon harvest and timing are regulated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Shuyak's saltwater bays are periodically open to commercial seining and sportfishers should be aware that up to three commercial openers may occur in Shuyak's bays between August 1 and September 15. The openings generally last between 24 and 48 hours. Immediately after the openings, sportfishing is usually slow, but rebounds within a couple of days.

Fish Timetable



Dolly Varden

June, July

Shangin Bay, Big Bay, Carry Inlet

Pink Salmon

July, early August

Most major streams

Coho Salmon (silvers)

mid-August to mid September

Shangin Bay, Big Bay, Carry Inlet


June, July, August

All outside waters

Hunting on Shuyak Island

Sitka black-tailed deer are found on Shuyak Island. Consult current Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations before you begin your hunting trip.

Proper Storage of Game


Storage of Game pic. 1

1. Select 2 trees at least 20 feet apart. Throw the weighted end of the rope over a branch about 17 feet above the ground

Game Storage Pic. 2

2. Tie the line to the trunk of the first tree. Throw the weighted end of the line over the branch of the second tree.

Game Storage Pic. 3

3. Attach your deer carcass to the middle of the line, and pull it up and adjust so it is centered, at least 12 feet above the ground.

Game Storage Pic. 4
4. Tie the other end of the line to the second tree. To access your deer, just let it down. To re-cache it, pull it back up.