Getting to Shuyak Island

Afognak Island State Park is accessible by air or by water (cabins in Afognak Island State Park can only be reached via air). Commercial air service is available from Anchorage to the city of Kodiak. Several air charters provide float plane service to Afognak Island from either Kodiak or Homer. The following charter services are authorized by Alaska State Parks to operate within the park. *Note that these rates are subject to change as well as the available charter companies.

Sample Transportation Rates

From Kodiak:

Andrew Airways (907)487-2566: three Beavers (1200 lbs) 1 amphibious, 1 Cessna 206 (750 lbs).

Harvey Flying Service (907)487-2621: 1 Widgeon (1100 lbs or 5 pax). Separate rates for under 800 lbs and 1100 lbs.

Island Air Service (907)487-4596 or toll free 1-800-478-6196: Bear viewing and scenic tours. Passenger seat fare includes 50 lbs. freight

Kingfisher Aviation (907)486-5155 or Toll Free 1-800-486-5155: 2 Found Bush Hawk (850 lbs, 4 pax)

Sea Hawk Air (907)486-8282: 1 Beaver (1500 lbs - up to 6 pax), separate rates for under 800 & 1200 lbs.

From Homer:

Beluga Air LLC (907) 235-8256: 1 Beaver (1200 lbs - up to 7 pax)

North Wind Aviation (907) 235-7482: 1 Cessna 305A (300lbs. or 1 passenger).

Aircraft Type From Kodiak From Homer

Cessna 305A



Cessna 206



Cessna 185















Approximate Rates to Big Bay
(double for round trip)

Water Taxis

There are two water taxi operators authorized to bring visitors to Shuyak. This list may change from season to season. There are no available price quotes.

Mythos Expeditions Kodiak (907)486-5536, email:

Alaska Premier Sportfishing (907)235-2032, email:

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