Kodiak Citizen Advisory Board


The Citizens’ Advisory Board (CAB) is generally off for the summer, but plans to hold a trail work day and potluck celebration in light of Alaska State Parks 40th Anniversary on July 17 & 18, 2010. They will commence with regular business matters during September 2010.

For more information or if you would like to volunteer for these events please contact board member rjblaschka@yahoo.com


To join the CAB, please download and submit an application.

Advisory Board Statement of Purpose

The purposes for which this Board is organized are as follows:

1. To provide a forum for the collection and expression of opinions and recommendations on matters relating to State parks and outdoor recreation;

2. To promote protection of the natural and cultural features of State parks and other State lands;

3. To promote communication among the general public, other government agencies, and the administrators of State parks;

4. To inquire into matters of community interest relating to State parks and outdoor recreation; to bring matters of interest to the attention of the public;

5. To appear and testify at public and legislative hearings as representatives of State parks users and neighbors;

6. To make recommendations to the Director of the Division of Parks and

Outdoor Recreation concerning, among other things, the following:

      (a) promoting the protection and enhancement of the State's historic and recreational resources,

      (b) promoting the interpretation and public presentation of the natural and human history of park lands,

      (c) increasing public awareness of human impacts on parks,

      (d) promoting orderly and consistent planning development and management programs for State parks and cultural and outdoor recreation resources,

      (e) identifying diverse public recreation uses,

      (f) mitigating conflicts among user groups.