Photography in Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park abounds with photographic opportunities. Whether you are in search of the perfect sunset, mountain range, moose, or a shameless selfie Chugach State Park has it all.

Here are a few pointers to take in to account before you head out in the park:

1. Always carry more than one memory card, you never know when one will fail. This goes for batteries too.
2. 90% of your shots can come with two lenses, a medium wide angle zoom for scenic shots and a longer tele-photo for animals.
3. Make sure you understand the terrain if you go off the trail, falling on rocks or ice with camera gear can be expensive.
4. A good camera bag is a necessity. It keeps your gear dry and protected.
5. Try to not use the "automatic" setting on your DSLR - learn to shoot in manual or aperture preferred mode. The automatic setting is a compromise for color, light, sharpness and depth of field.
6. Take lots of pictures - practice makes a difference!

Area Suggestions for photography:

Turnagain Arm: Sunrises, sunsets, wildlife, and bore tides, scenic views.

Anchorage Hillside: Denali views, mountainous backdrops, northern lights, alpine flora, rutting moose.

Eagle River Drainage: Meandering water, birds, spawning salmon, mixed forest flora.

Eklutna Lake: Reflective lake shots, high canyon walls, wildflowers, mountainous views.

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