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Chugach State Park Planning

Much has happened since the Chugach State Park Master Plan was adopted in 1980 and the Trail Plan in 1986. Anchorage has grown rapidly resulting in increased use of the park. This use has stressed park facilities that are often at capacity during busy summer days and raised new land use concerns. These concerns include park access along a boundary that is being rapidly developed, building and maintaining park facilities complementary to the area, trails and trail connectivity, and resource protection.Windy Point

In an effort to address these issues and update plan recommendations, the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation initiated a planning process to revise these plans in the spring of 2008. The master plan will set forth management guidelines and make recommendations for the development of recreational facilities within the park while the trail plan will provide specific guidance for trail management and development. As part of this planning effort, the Department is also working with the Municipality of Anchorage on a joint Chugach Access Plan. This plan will provide guidance to both agencies for the placement and development of access points along the boundary of the park.

The first phase of the planning process concluded with the end of the public scoping period. During the scoping phase, the planning team learned about issues, concerns and ideas the public has regarding the park. After gathering additional information and analyzing issues, the planning team decided to initially focus on the development of the park trail management plan and the access plan. The input received on these plans has informed the development of the overall park management plan and ultimately made it a more comprehensive document.

Latest News

The public review draft comment periods for all three draft plans released as part of this planning effort have closed. The planning team is reviewing the comments received and addressing the issues raised. An Issue Response Summary for the Draft Chugach State Park Trail Management Plan has been assembled and is now available. Visit the links below for more information on each plan, to view the drafts that were issued for public review and any other documents related to these plans.

Draft Chugach State Park Management Plan

Draft Chugach Access Plan

Draft Chugach State Park Trail Management Plan


Eklutna Lake For more information or to send written comments, contact:
    Monica Alvarez
    Alaska Department of Natural Resources
    Chugach State Park Planning
    550 West 7th Ave., Suite 1050
    Anchorage, AK 99501
    Phone: (907)269-8145 Fax: (907)269-8915

Planning Process

Below is an outline of the major steps that will be taken to develop the plans.
green bullet STEP 1: Identify Issues - Through a public involvement process identify issues and concerns.

green bullet STEP 2: Gather Information - Throughout the planning process collect information about natural resources, present and past land use, land ownership, and the local economy.

green bullet STEP 3: Prepare and Evaluate Land Use Alternatives - Describe possible choices for management based on public interests, local resources, and state policies. Describe the effects of each choice on goals for the management of an area.

green bullet STEP 4: Prepare Draft Plan -The planning team and advisory board create a draft plan that reflects resource values and public and agency goals. The agencies review the first draft and settle any land use conflicts that remain, or propose the best alternatives for public review.

green bullet STEP 5: Public Review of Draft Plan - Hold public meetings to provide the public an opportunity to comment on the draft plan and to identify parts that need to be changed.

green bullet STEP 6: Prepare Final Plan - Review agency and public comments and revise the plan as needed.

green bullet STEP 7: Approve Plan - The Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources approves and signs the plan.

green bullet STEP 8: Adopt and Implement Plan - Plan guides management decisions for state lands in the planning area.

Additional Documents

Below you will find a Public Comment List that summarizes all the comments received during the scoping phase and the first two Newsletters that were issued as part of this process. Existing park plans are also available below.

Public Scoping - Public Comment List, June 2008.

Newsletter #1, April 2008.

Newsletter #2, Summer 2008.

Chugach State Parks Master Plan, February 1980.

Chugach State Parks Trail Plan, January 1986.

Chugach State Park Access Inventory, Analysis and Recommendations, October 2002