Biking in Chugach State Park

Biking is a popular activity in Chugach State Park. Whether you are out for an afternoon ride with your family or out soloing one of the more challenging trails in the front range, a trail that fits your needs awaits.

Be aware only specific Chugach State Park trails are open to biking. Make sure you know the trail that you plan to ride is open by regulation. Citations are issued for violations. 11 AAC 20.050

Bicycles are allowed in campgrounds, picnic areas and on the following trails. Bicycles are also allowed on any trail when it is specifically open to snowmobiles. 

Chugach State Park Bike Map



  • Gasline (From Prospect Heights Trailhead to Indian Trailhead)
  • Powerline Trail
  • Powerline Access Trail (Glen Alps to Powerline)
  • Wolverine Bowl Trail
  • Middle Fork Loop from intersection of Near Point to signed end of Homestead Road
  • South Fork Rim Trail (NOTE: This is not the South Fork Trail in Eagle River. Please see Hillside Biking Map.)
  • Silver Fern Trail
  • White Spruce Trail
  • Llama Trail

Difficulty: Easy to moderate.
Special Features: Good Loop Trails, Downhill ride from Glen Alps connects to municipality trail system and BLM trails in Far North Bicentennial Park.

Hillside Biking Map


Access: Mile 91.4 Bird to Indian Bike Pathway.
Distance: 2.5 mile trail, first 1/2 mile of trail is on state park land.
Difficulty: Hard, switchbacks, steep climbs, roots.
Special Features: Main trail follows base of penguin ridge. Large trees. Ends on Crow Creek Road. Loop back on Alyeska Highway bike path for added fun!


Access: Bird Creek Trailhead, Mile 101 Seward Hwy. Turn toward mountains on Konikson Road and go 0.6 miles to park trailhead and gate.
Distance: 4.5 miles to signed closure. Riding allowed on all old Logging roads in Valley
Difficulty: Easy, Seasonal muddy areas.
Special Features: Main trail follows creek up valley floor. Large trees. Fork to right at 0.7 mile leads to Penguin Creek.  Great family riding area.

Bird Valley Guide


Access: Eklutna Lake Trailhead.
Distance: 12.7 miles or 21.8 kilometers one way to Eklutna Glacier.
Elevation Gain: 300 feet or 91 meters.
Difficulty: Easy - abandoned roadbed with bridges.
Special Features: Trail follows lakeshore for 7 miles, then onto glacial gravel bars. Last mile is footpath through glacial debris. Views of steep canyon walls, waterfalls and Eklutna Glacier. Wildlife includes Dall sheep, mountain goats, pikas.

Eklutna Brochure 


Access: Parking areas near Girdwood, Indian, Bird, or Bird Creek Campground.
Distance: 13 miles from Indian to Bird.
Elevation Gain: limited
Difficulty: Easy. Paved.  Turnagain arm wind gusts can make riding difficult.
Special Features: Good views of Turnagain Arm. Wheelchair accessible.

Indian to Girdwood Pathway Trail Guide


Access: The trailhead is located at the end of Malcom Drive near Sierra Mesa Circle in Chugiak. Access to this area is via the Peters Creek Exit at Mile 21 of the Glenn Highway.
Distance: Approximately 5 miles to signed closure.
Difficulty: Moderate to advanced.
Special Features: There are nice woodland views at lower elevations. Be sure to stay on the trail in these areas. There are also views of upper Cook Inlet and Eagle River from this area.


Access: Canyon Road Trailhead
Distance: 4.4 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Special Features: Past the gate, the trail follows an old roadbed through brush and quickly opens up to views of Rabbit Creek Valley. The road then peters out and a narrower trail leads to Rabbit Lake. Biking allowed to Rabbit Lake on trail only. No biking allowed past Rabbit Lake on the McHugh Lake Trail.

Rabbit Lake Trail Guide


Fat Tire bikes are a popular growing sport in the Anchorage area. We support this exciting sport and have worked to add a few new winter riding opportunities into the Chugach Trail System. Fat Tire Bikes are defined as:

a two wheeled, non-motorized, self-propelled bicycle

  • (A) created for cycling on soft, unstable terrain;

  • (B) having a tire width of 3.7” or greater; and

  • (C) having a tire pressure of less than 20 pounds;

Fat Tire Bikes are allowed on all trails open to regular bikes in 11 AAC 20.050

Fat tire bicycles are also allowed on the following trails between November 15 and March 31: 

  • (1) Middle Fork Loop Trail;

  • (2) Lost Cabin Valley Trail; and

  • (3) Eagle River Water Trail to wilderness boundary at Icicle Creek.

  • Access via: ER campground, Greenbelt Access (Briggs), Mile 7.4, Mile 10, and Albert loop snowmobile corridor (ERNC)

  • (4) Eklutna Lake (frozen water body)